"Last Friday you lent me a copy of "Star of Bethlehem" because I was unable to show "(competing season show)" as a result of my laptop crashing and our inability to get it running on our backup computer. We had two full houses and without your help, I would not have been able to present a seasonally appropriate show. Your rescue was sincerely appreciated."

John Hopkins, Tomchin Planetarium, Dec 2011

"I wish I had known about your system before I purchased a (competing system)! Can I put your system into my dome?"

Customer at CAST meeting, 2011

"The Dome was the hit of science night... we can't wait to have you back next year.. and come to all the classes too!"

Robert Cunningham, Science Teacher, 2010

"Renting was fantastic.. we are asking our district to purchase a system so all students can benefit every year!"

Science Teacher, 2010

"Not only could my hospital patients "roll in" to the dome, one even brought in his IV pole!"

Nurse at MD Anderson Cancer Center, 2009

"We have just placed an order for our third Discovery Dome® and want a quote for four more. I want to compliment you on how helpful and courteous your sales and customer server staff are."

Robert Kramer, Jr., Kramer Entertainment, 2009

"Thank you so much for letting us borrow the dome. It was so amazing. My favorite one was the volcano and it felt like I was actually there. Thank you so much - you gave me a thrillseeking event that I can enjoy and learn from."

S. A. (Student)

"The Discovery Dome® is such a hit at our NASA "Space Day" that we now have to have two domes so that everyone gets a show - so I bought one!"

Prof. Morris-Smith, 2008

"The E-Planetarium® received rave reviews, and audiences commented on how much they enjoyed his digital description of the universe."

Charlie MacDonald, Killiam Elementary School, Reading, MA, Starparty 2005

"this is the best surface dome and the most cost-effective system on the market today!"

ASTC visitor, Richmond, VA, 2005

"My second-graders get scared crawling into (competing dome). This one is more fun, and a lot less scary!"

teacher at CAST meeting, Houston, 2005

"I accidentally left some rope lights turned on when I collapsed the dome overnight. The lights got hot, trapped between the dome material and the wooden floor. The next morning, the wooden floor had scorch marks on it but the dome didn't even show any scorching!"

GoDome customer


"I set up my (competing dome) and the top was about 9 inches away from an incandescent light. Within just a few minutes, a large section of the dome had melted. This dome's fire retardancy is very important to me."

teacher at SACNAS meeting, Denver, 2005

"The doorway easily accommodated my wheelchair, and I was able to enjoy the show without interrupting anyone else"

Nonie, visitor to nanotechnology conference, Rice University, 2005

"I can't wait to upgrade my (competing system) to this new one!"

District Science Coordinator, at CAST meeting, Houston, 2005

"Wow! What a presentation! Mrs. Nadony's Class was amazed at the 3D effects and the outstanding pictures at the [e-Planetarium] presentation. Most of the class and myself saw a big black igloo through the gym's window, I thought that it would be so small and boring inside. But when I went inside, it was nothing like I expected. Inside, it was so big and when you showed me the presentation, it blew me away! I learned so much about Saturn and it's rings, like over a million asteroids float around Saturn all the time. Thanks again for bringing the planetarium to our Star Party!"

Mrs. Nadolny's Class - Douglas School, 2005

"I can't thank you enough for your wonderful presentation at the Acton Star Party. Your willingness to fit in as many students and parents as was reasonable into the planetarium was most appreciated. Students and parents alike were amazed by your program and I know you have a lot of new fans."

E.S. Acton Public Schools, 2005

"Thank you for the wonderful exprience at the Star Party! It was TONS of fun. The [e-Planetarium Dome] that taught you stuff on Saturn's rings was cool... Thank you so, so, so much. You're the greatest!"

M.C. (Student), 2005

"Thank you for the starparty! It was fun, especially the [e-Planetarium] theater!!!"

Sincerely, Alan (Student), 2005

"This year we added a new twist to the indoor activities with the newly minted e-Planetarium — playing to sell out crowds...e-Planetarium is such a great addition to the Acton Star Party. Kids of all size and ages enjoyed the show and immediately went outside to talk with the Astronomers and see the Saturn, the Ring World for themselves. I heartly recommend this wonderful way to expand a child's mind. The e-Planetarium will be a staple of all our future Star Parties"

Steven Feinstein, Acton Star Party Coordinator, 2005