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A Content Management Software for Immersive Dome Theaters

MEDIASHOW is an easy to use, powerful but AFFORDABLE media player. It can control playback of many types of video files (AVI, MP2, MP4 and MOV using h.264). The user can create buttons that specify the start and stop time, volume, language and position of available subtitles for each clip, making playback a breeze.

MEDIASHOW can also display, size and rotate images (single, or in sequence from a folder with an audio sync option). It can reduce the size of images or video so that widescreen (not fulldome) content can be shown on mirror systems. It also supports external subtitle files. Creating a new subtitle file (or translating an existing one) is easy, making the shows ACCESSIBLE to many audiences. The result is AWESOME!

Each edited group of buttons is saved as a buttonset, so multiple sets of shows can be prepared in advance by multiple users. A full selection of customized buttons can be easily loaded and accessed in an instant for playback. Since the buttons are just pointers to the media files, you can have a custom button set for every operator, every event, and every language that you use.

The app has two included versions:

  • Pro: full-featured windowed version (shown); best used in dual display setups and for programming
  • Mirror: mini interface version (1400x60 px at display top) for playback on mirror projection systems

MEDIASHOW can even launch other programs when selecting a button (e.g. Stellarium or WorldWide Telescope), automatically dropping into the background.

The user interface is designed to be easily accessed by mouse or touchscreen, and all interface elements have tool-tip rollovers to help guide the user.

Featured changes and updates in MEDIASHOW 5:

  • complete code rewrite including installation scheme
  • unified support for Pro and Mirror versions of application
  • uses core video processes in OSX (AVFoundation) and Windows (DirectShow) for vastly improved video playback
  • supports MPEG and H.264 videos - QuickTime™ no longer required
  • Subtitle (SRT) support for video files. Users can create subtitles in any unicode supported language
  • CONFIG SETTINGS feature to control software behavior
  • detailed PDF reference manual

This version is a FREE UPGRADE for paid users, and on SPECIAL now for a limited time from our online store.

MEDIASHOW is available for Mac OS X (10.7+) and Windows OS (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), and comes with all Discovery Dome packages.

Download or Purchase from spaceupdate.com

MediaShow screenshots: