3DUNO & Reef Distribution presents  Leo and Art, a film for digital planetariums. Leo is an educational project about Art and Science, where two techniques are combined, puppets carved in wood and digital animation, with the aim of entertaining children and adults to awake their interest in Art and Science. With Leo and Art we take a journey through the history of Art and learn the basics of some of its most significant moments, such as the beginning of what is meant by art, with cave paintings, the genius of Art and Science of Leonardo Da Vinci and we learn that there is not only one way to see the stars with Van Gogh.

Leo is presented as an educational project through which different subjects related  to education are presented (from the arrival on the moon, the planets, the history of art and pictorial techniques, the stars…) these subjects could be developed at home or in the classrooms, with the assistance of educative tabs that could be downloaded from the web site. Children can learn as well as have fun building scale models and creating their own work of art.

Produced by 3DUNO, and distributed by Reef Distribution.



art and science

Ages 4-8

27.5 min


English, German, Spanish, Italian, French

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