IMPACT EARTH is a planetarium show that teaches about meteors, meteorites, asteroids, and comets. It includes results from recent NASA missions and about the dangers they can pose to life on Earth. It is created for fulldome theaters but is also available on DVD to be shown in flat version for TVs and computer monitors.

It shows dramatically the effects of the Chicxulub and Tungusta events, plus the Pallasite impact that resulted in the Brenham meteorite fall, and describes ways that asteroid hunters seek new objects in the solar system, and how ground penetrating radar is used to find meteorites that have survived to the Earth's surface. Narrated by astronaut Tom Jones, it also discusses ways that humans might try to deflect an asteroid or comet that is on a collision course with Earth.

Created for informal science venues (digital planetariums), it is also useful as ancillary material for middle school science. Created under NASA Cooperative Agreement NCC5-316 to Rice University in conjunction with the Houston Museum of Natural Science as part of the "Immersive Earth" project, part of the REASoN program.

Additional Music by Shai Fishman -
Post production and Mix: Fish-i Studios -


Earth and space science, astronomy, physics

general audiences, grades 3+

24 min


Arabic, English, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, Telugi, Thai


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