Feel the Fury! Get ready to take cover when you see nature go FORCE FIVE, from our partners, Houston Museum of Natural Science and Rice University.

Extreme weather takes center stage in this full dome animated show revealing images not seen by naked eye due to their life-threatening nature. Using real movies and NASA based images, Force Five offers the audience a vantage that would never be safe in the real world, creating a sense of what it would look and feel like if you were standing in the middle of a deadly storm. "Experience a storm without getting wet!"

The show begins by stepping back in time to 1900, when the great hurricane swept through Galveston, killing over 6,000 men, women, and children in one night of terror. Homes collapsed under the incredible force of torrential winds, powerful rain and rising water, and animates how the surge may have looked. It then shows how NASA spacecraft and special aircraft measure hurricanes and predict their paths. We fly with a storm chaser aircraft through the heart of a hurricane.

The 22-minute show then turns to the next FORCE FIVE killer, the tornado. These violent and unpredictable storms turn flying debris into lethal weapons. A fulldome animation then puts you into a realistic storm, with stormchasers using amateur radio to report the twister's position and save lives.

The final journey of FORCE FIVE transports the audience to the surface of the sun, where the most powerful storms in the solar system occur. The violent force of these solar events equals the energy output of a million hydrogen bombs. A coronal mass ejection can create disturbances that can damage spacecraft, disrupt communications, and disable power grids here on Earth. Without the protection of Earth's magnetic field, these storms would destroy most life on the planet. NASA spacecraft monitor the Sun and the solar wind to help us understand and predict nature's next move.

Additional Music by Shai Fishman -
Post production and Mix: Fish-i Studios -


extreme weather, storms, space weather

general audiences, grades 2 - 8

22 min


Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, Spanish (Colombia)


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    Upon completion of viewing the show and the activities on the following pages, students should be given the same questionnaire. By comparing the pre-show and post-show scores, the overall effectiveness of the program can be determined.

  • Hurricane Preparedness

    "Hurricane Preparedness (or, what I learned from Ike)"
    PDF by Patricia H. Reiff·Thursday, October 6, 2016 (ORIGINALLY WRITTEN 2008)

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