WE CHOOSE SPACE! is a planetarium show for audiences of all ages who dream of space and wonder about human spaceflight after Shuttle. It's a show filled with real adventures for the near frontier. Positive, possible, and exciting -- this is a promise we can make to our children, our future astronauts.

It has been created by the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Home Run Pictures, and Tietronix with scientific oversight by Rice University. Astronauts Scott Parazinsky, Tom Jones and Gene Cernan, and veteran space reporter Walter Cronkite are your tour guides on this adventure to the completed International Space Station and to the past and future moon. Include fulldome imagery using OUR fisheye lens on the ISS!

WE CHOOSE SPACE! was funded by NASA under grant NNX10AK12G to the Louisiana Art and Science Museum and was reviewed by NASA scientists and engineers.

Music & Score by Shai Fishman -
Sound effects and post production: Fish-i Studios -


space science

general audiences, grades 2-12

24 min


English, Hindi, Spanish, Telugi


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  • Education Guide
    A complete education guide document containing all the components listed here that accompany this show including the script, questionnaires, activities, resources, and alignment to standards.

  • Questionnaires

    Pre- and Post- show questionnaires:
    The pre- and post- show questionnaires are intended to serve as a measure of effectiveness of both the show itself and the supplemental material. Prior to any information about the show being provided to students they should take the pre-show questionnaire. This should serve as an accurate gauge of their prior knowledge.

    Upon completion of viewing the show and the activities on the following pages, students should be given the same questionnaire. By comparing the pre-show and post-show scores, the overall effectiveness of the program can be determined.

    Discussion Questions
    The show may be stopped at break points for group discussion using the following questions, or you can discuss these after the show.


The following resources can be used to find more information about topics covered in the show.

NASA Sites:

Other Sites:

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