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Book Our "ON THE ROAD" Show Now!

We offer a variety of "on the road" shows for schools, summer camps, or special events (private or public). Our Discovery Dome partners bring museum quality shows to you: "A Field Trip Without the Bus!"(TM). The dome captivates audiences of all ages. Experience the thrill of shows that completely surround you. If there isn't a partner near you, consider purchasing a system - the domes pay for themselves in rental fees!

6 Great Reasons Why You Should Book Our Programs:

  1. Featured by NASA Education Panel
    Our Earth's Wild Ride show is featured and highlighted by NASA Education.
  2. New State-of-the Art Visual and Audio Learning Technologies, including new 3D
    Imagine seeing a show that is enhanced and formatted for a near 360-degree field-of-view visual effect. Our attendees have described the experience "as a portable IMAX™ theater". Our newest projectors can quickly switch from fulldome to flatscreen to even 3D content - no fisheye can do that!
  3. Flexible Topics
    Unlike other portable providers, we offer shows covering many more topics. We bring more than just astronomy - we can immerse students into earth science, space weather, chemistry, human body, history, evolution, and much more! See the Show List.
  4. New Go-Dome Design
    Our dome is large and spacious, fire retardancy certified, adult friendly, wheelchair accessible, and customed designed for digital display. There is no need to crawl in, just simply walk in!
  5. Museum-Quality Shows
    Virtually any show in a fulldome theater can be formatted for our system. We already have more than thirty shows ready to go, from the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Clark, Mirage 3D, LochNess Productions, Softmachine, and more! Just ask for your favorite fulldome show!
  6. A Field Trip Without a Bus!™
    Discovery Dome comes to your location. It's simple to book and easy to set-up. No bus required! No travel consent form to worry about. A knowledgeable presenter will come to entertain and educate your students. Best of all, for the price of one group traveling to the museum, 300 students can get their science class in the dome and not miss their English or math classes!

"E-Planetarium and our partners brought earth and space science showsin 2011
to over 90,000 students in the Houston area alone,and more than 250,000 worldwide,
including many rural and disadvantaged communities."