OmniFocus™ Projectors

e-Planetarium™ offers the full line of OmniFocus™ projection systems from Elumenati™, providing an extremely wide field of view (ranging between 122 and 210 degrees). The image quality is even, remains in-focus, clear and capable of illuminating an entire dome from a single source due to unique patented equal-angular projection design. Get the best lens available from the lens leaders! The least expensive model available is the 30200 series. It has the advantage of having a zoom capacity between a full-dome fullcoverage 1050 pixels across or a 3/4 dome coverage at 1400 pixels across but 1050 pixels high (leaving the back 1/4 of the dome uncovered). For a list of the available Elumenati projectors, see their projector web page.

Model Type Resolution Lumens Field of View Price
30200 LCOS 1400x1050 4000 Zoom 135x180 to 180x180 $27.4K
30250, 270 LCOS 1920x1200 3200 (30250) or 4000 (30270) Zoom 195x122 to 160x160 call
30500 series 3 chip DLP 1400x1050 to 2560x1600 7500-8000 Fulldome or truncated call
30600 series 3 chip DLP 1400x1050 to 1920x1200 10,000 to 11,000 Fulldome or truncated call

We offer the full line of fisheyes from Elumenati, in various brightnesses and resolutions, up to 2560x1600. Some cover the entire dome (shown as FOV = 180, meaning all the way from front to back); others are truncated (commonly shown as FOV = 135, covering from front to zenith to halfway to the back). HD systems cover even less of the dome (FOV 122 or so). Some are available as "folded" - the projector stays horizontal but the light path bends to point up. All systems come with 1-year warranty on parts and labor. We can sell any of the Elumenati projectors with our computers, software, and domes, and we also sell the Elumenati negative-pressure open "Geodomes". Call or use our web inquiry page for quotes