Go-Frame™ 1.0

Go-Frame is designed for spherical mirror projection with fixed planetariums in mind. The scaffolding design accommodates the Go-Vex™ mirror and is basically a stripped down version of the Newtonian™2 projection case. It would be used in a clean environment where the Go-Frame™ system would be basically fixed. There are two models. The most basic Go-Frame has the projector situated in front of the mirror, projecting directly on to the spherical mirror surface.

The second Go-Frame available is called the Go-Frame™ Plus, where the projector is behind the curved Go-Vex™ mirror and projects onto a secondary mirror which reflects to the primary mirror, much like a Newtonian™2. This setup has a smaller footprint where space is a consideration.



Go Frame™ 1.0 (single mirror configuration) $3,795.00
Go Frame™ Plus (double mirror configuration) $4,000.00
Current prices valid through 12/31/2014

Note that many people still opt to use the Newtonian™2 projection system inside their fixed domes as the case can be closed after use, protecting the mirror.

Go-Frame™ Plus 2-mirror system
Go-Frame™ Plus installed in dome