3D Dual Projection system

We now have available a DUAL-PROJECTION system, using the Newtonian for full dome projection, and in a snap, converting it to show active (full color, full 1920x1080) 3D content! The ONLY portable planetarium that can make that quick change!

The Newtonian 2 can be used with the new EPSON 3010 (for 4 to 6 m domes) or the Professional EPSON 6010 (for 6 or 7m domes). These projectors can be used as the main fulldome projector, OR, by simply removing the front secondary mirror, the projector becomes a full and rich 3D projector. (It can also be used with the secondary for fulldome 3D content as that becomes available).

  • Switch quickly from fulldome to 3D
  • Only $200 additional for starter system
  • Use Blu-Ray™ player or 3D laptop

How Does It Work?

Our 3D projectors use "active shutter" glasses, that alternate left and right eyes. The Epson projector uses the M-3Di standard, so many glasses from other manufacturers will work also. Since it is an active system instead of red/green or polarization, when 3D fulldome movies become available, it will be able to use the mirror for fulldome 3D. In that case, we recommend the 3010 for 4 or 5 m domes and the 6010 for 5 or 6m domes, since 3D reduces the effective brightness of the image by half. For normal 3D content, which does NOT cover the entire dome, the 3010 works great for up to 6m domes, and the 6010 for 7m domes, either in 3D or in fulldome.



A single projector that can show both fulldome and 3D content doubles your content choices.

Flexibility You can show a fulldome show, for example, "We Choose Space" and then show a 3D movie, for example "Space Station 3D" for a full experience. A wide range of educational titles are becoming available on 3D.
Instant Change

You can connect your fulldome laptop to HDMI_1 and a Blue-Ray player to HDMI_2 and switch between inputs quickly. All you need is to remove or slide in the secondary mirror and put on the glasses! Or, order your laptop with a Blu-Ray player and not have to switch inputs!

Special 3D Software We also now offer, for additional cost, a special version of MediaWarp3D that will let you move from fulldome 2D to 3D, warp on the fly and much more! (Windows only)