Dome Pricing

Go to the Avela Go-Dome™ site for the most up to date pricing.


Dome Size (meters)


4 m

5 m

6 m

7 m

8 m

9 m

10 m

Standard Go-Dome $6,720 $9,600 $10,560 $14,400 $17,280 $20,160 $23,184
2-Tube Go-Dome $11,040 $11,520 $12,288 $16,128 $19,008 $21,312 $24,508
5-Tube "MediaDome" $14,976 $15,360 $16,896 $19,968 $22,848 $25,728 $29,587
Zodiac Dome N/A N/A N/A N/A $43,200 $51,164 $60,342
Geo Go-Dome N/A $17,538 $24,481 N/A $37,663 N/A N/A
* Plus shipping/handling charges, air blower, and Texas sales tax
* See the Avela Go-Dome site for a full price list, including 3 and 4 tube domes. (Domes are not recommended for use in wind, direct sunlight, or rain)
* Standard weight domes are available in two colors: Dark Blue and Black.

Feature Highlights:

  • Designed from the ground up for fulldome video digital projectors.
  • Certified for flame retardancy
  • Lightweight soft gray cloth resists wrinkles, crosstalk (unwanted light reflection) and sound echoes.
  • Three inlet vents for quick inflation and adjustable air flow.
  • Two self-closing outlet vents promote excellent air circulation and resist deflation.
  • Double-door vestibule entryway limits air loss and allows audiences to walk in without crawling.
  • Door can be left open to allow easy entry and exit for demos or shut to allow projection on the entire dome.
  • Wheelchairs and small scooters can be rolled in through the vestibule without signficant loss of air, without disturbing the show. Even an IV pole came in through our doorway!
  • Offering more options of COLORS, SIZES, and TYPES than other dome manufacturers
  • Some used or irregular domes available at a deep discount