The Next Generation Science Standards are a new framework for organizing science content, and more importantly, science activities that students should be able to know and perform at each level. It focuses on Practice, Crosscutting Concepts and Disciplinary Core Ideas. By organizing our planetarium shows along these standards, teachers can effectively choose which planetarium show is best for their students. School rentals can choose a different show for each group, maximizing the effectiveness of the dome as an educational and inspirational tool.

The following tables list how each of our planetarium shows aligns with these standards.

Elementary (K-5)

Middle School (6-8)

High School (9-12)


Note that some of the standards are student performance based, so a planetarium show can never fully meet that standard, but it can provide background information. Accordingly, we have noted for each standard whether each show is a Primary Focus (GREEN), Secondary Focus (BLUE), or Ancillary Material (ORANGE) for that standard.

PF Primary Focus: Indicates that the show aligns fully and/or fully covers the scientific principle within the specific standard.
SF Secondary Focus: Indicates that the context of the show vs. the standard does not fully align. The scientific principle within the specific standard is discussed and the show provides the student with valuable information or visualization that will help them complete the standard, however the student may not be directed to perform the same task that is outlined in the standard.
AM Ancillary Material: Indicates standard that is not explicitly discussed or shown but can be inferred by the viewer through either prior knowledge that relates to the show topics or new knowledge gained through watching the show.
Additional information on criteria used to align each standard can be found at:


This research was done as part of the project for the Master of Science Degree for Jose Flores-Collazo, with additional information provided in the projects of Hannah Lange and Gregory Adragna.