Fishbowl demo at the Video Gamers United Convention

The Future of Gaming is HERE NOW!

Fishbowl is the world's first affordable personal dome for gaming, fulldome shows, and more! Developed by our partner Fishtank, the Fishbowl dome can be set up in a living room or backyard.. We've even set it up in a college dorm room!

With the new Fishtank player software, you can play NEW fully immersive games! We offer a selection of new fulldome games: Capture the Flag, Asteroid Shoot, and Tilt!, plus immersive adventures of driving a race car, flying a jet plane, and even operating a humanoid robot. (More games coming soon - and if you have your own unity-based game, we can partner with you in making it fulldome!) Some of the games are designed so you can play against a friend over the internet. Be on the leading edge of gaming!

Mars Flyer

Monster Trucks on the Moon

Air Flyer

Space Flight

Space Shooter

Castle Run

Run / Drive / Fly

Run / Drive / Fly