Geo-Go-Dome™ set up at ASTC 2015, Montreal. Sales associate Dr. Antoun Daou will help you get the right size and configuration you need.

NOW AVAILABLE! Geodesic Geo-Go-Dome™ in 6m and 8m diameters. Negative pressure makes a smooth interior. Bottom drape can be customized and can be made in vinyl for rain resistance. Sturdy aluminum frame allows outdoor use in good weather. Features a two meter spring line for open events, so height is 5m for 6m diameter dome and 6m for 8m dome. Packs in 3 rolling packing cases for shipping or storage..

Available for rental for your three day to one month event.

Available for sale at our online store (ocean freight shipping).

Aluminum geodesic structure makes a very sturdy dome. Color-coded hubs makes assembly straightforward.
The dome itself with its blower packs into the three rolling shipping cases. The other suitcases are the mirror, the projector, the computer, and other handouts from ASTC.