5-Ring Go-Dome™

The 5-Ring "Media Go-Dome™" was custom designed for large adult audiences in more commercial settings, but can be put up more quickly than the Zodiac Dome. The 1.79 meter spring line allows for walk-ins and chair seating and added stability in busy open environments. This dome can be used in public spaces such as malls, lobbies and common areas.

Domes are available in two colors: Dark Blue and Black.

Our 5-ring dome is also available in 10 meter height. The 10 meter, 5-ring dome can be made with the rings detachable from the dome section, for easier transport.

We have one 10 meter, 5 ring dome available for rental.

Dome Size 4 Meter 5 Meter 6 Meter 7 Meter 8 Meter
Height (ft.) 12 13.6 15.3 16.9 18.5
Diameter (ft.) 15.8 19.1 22.4 25.6 28.9
Estimated Capacity ** 10-30 20-40 40-60 60-80 80-120

Price* (US) $14,976 $15,360 $16,896 $19,968 $22,848
Airfreight* (US only) $400 $435 $577 $768 $1,024

* Price and air freight subject to change without notice. Check the Avela site for up-to-date pricing and all available options. Blower shown is not recommended; see our blower page for recommended blowers.

** Capacity is an estimated range using chair seating with either a Newtonian-2 mirror system or an Omnifocus Fisheye System. Use with center-console fisheye systems reduces seating capacity considerably. When using either system, more customers can be accomodated with floor seating.